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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ebirra Peace Project: Another Clarion Call.

Forwarded to be Posted by: Miriam Ikunaiye

Written by: Ismail Oziotaiki Ikunaiye


It was sometime in June, 2005, a group of young men gathered in Abuja to deliberate on issues that has to do with the security to life and properties in Ebirraland.

This, of course, has occupied main discussions among the people of this area in both seminars and privates concerns. It would be recalled that, at the close of the decade of eighties, a new dimensions entered into our lives; even though, thuggery and other sorts of violent behaviours characterised our daily lives but the introduction of negative ritual activities that surfaced left much to be desired.

So, in the nineties, the height of these menace was reached: scores of innocent souls were lost through violent and ritual activities. These has really brought to us negative pictures and required that something must be done.

These imperatives are what prompted these young men to embark on what is now known as Ebirra Peace Project (EPP). The principal actors are :-
Alh. Abubarkar Imam (Chairman)
Shaibu Chatta (National Coordinator)
Saqeed Saeed – Siasia (Secretary General).

This organization operates on a tight financial back-up. They have, nevertheless, embarked on a door to door campaign and at the same time assist the youth to subsidized their fees at schools. The body also take it upon itself to disseminate important information to through the local media known as Ebicom Newspaper and some time through personal contacts.

Recently, they met with this special correspondent in Nigeria to explain their own side of the story and as for understanding. They also promised to visit and patronize Etemeya News Magazine Website since the website has become a popular channel information among our people here and in diaspora.
Long live EPP.
Long live Ebirra People
Long Live Nigeria .
Ismail Oziotaiki Ikunaiye.

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